Dia-Roker Ø 300 x 200 mm

WORKABLE MATERIALS: Granite / Sandstone

Dia-Roker ø300 x 200 is a tool with a diameter of 300mm and a width of 200mm. It can produce 2,5mm, 5mm and multiples steps scratching finish on granite and sandstone. It is possible to work into the entire surface of the slab or to make the anskid band. Roker has removable inserts in order to vary their position and quantity. In this way it is possible to adjust type and width of the finish.

Achievable finishes:

Scratching step 10mm
Scratching step 5mm
Scratching step 2,5mm
Scretched antiskid step 10mm
Scretched antiskid step 5mm
Scretched antiskid step 2,5mm

Hourly output (m2/h):


Rotation speed:

Max 4.000 RPM

Tool diameter:

ø 300 mm




Dia-Roker ø300 x 200 can be fixed on every kind of bridge cutters or banner tile cutters with horizontal shaft. Attach the tool to the shaft as any other cutting disc or shape| then work it laid on slab's surface proceeding in the opposite direction to the one of the cut.


    The square insert offers the possibility of multiplying the life of the tool by using the 4 vertices of the square and rotating the remaining 4. With a single tool it is possible to carry out different types of scratches: step 2|5| 5 and 10mm.

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