Roker Ø 115 x 105 mm 5/8"

WORKABLE MATERIALS: Marble / Limestone

Roker Ø115x105 is a tool with a diameter of 115mm and a width of 105mm. It can be installed to Drago to produce 2000-grain-size rolling finish on marble and limestone and thanks to the right ratio between rpm and forward speed, the workmanship maintains all the prerogatives of the manual one. The Roker installed to Birba or to an angle grinder, together with a protection for tool ø115mm, allows the operator to produce 2000-grain-size rolling finish manually on marble and limestone.

Achievable finishes:

Rolling grain 2000

Rotation speed:

Max 2.000 RPM

Tool diameter:

ø 115x105 mm




With an automatic machine| screw Roker Ø115x105 onto the threaded shaft of Drago and| once the correct number of revolutions has been set up according to the maximum feed speed of the bridge saw| work it laid on the slab proceeding in both directions. For manual workmanship| Roker Ø115x105 is screwed onto the threaded shaft of the Birba or angle grinder with variable RPM and worked laid on the slab in longitudinal passes without stopping. M14 or 5/8" attachments are available| depending on the grinder on which they are mounted.

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