Tool Vor 3 Compensation Ø 260 mm

WORKABLE MATERIALS: Granite / Sandstone

Vor tool Compensation 3/20 is a tool with a diameter of 260mm made of 3 20-bits rollers for bushammering finish on granite and sandstone slabs and floors. It is a tool specific for Vor machine and thanks to its heavy weight, it allows a better penetration of the bits into the hard material, in order to produce the finish, usually impossible to obtain with a portable tool.

Achievable finishes:

Fine bushammering

Rotation speed:

Max 1.400 RPM

Tool diameter:

ø 260 mm




Vor tool Compensation 3/20 can be fixed on the portable tool machine Vor. Screw the tool onto the shaft| then work it like a normal polishing tool| according to the parameters in the instruction booklet.

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