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utensile dia-rollex

> rolling 2000 grain size
> rolling 800 grain size
> rolling 400 grain size

Processing type
> on flat surfaces
> edges

> Granite/Sandstone

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Dia-Rollex are tools for the rolling finish granite and sandstone.
Dia-Rollex are made with an application of brazed grit of different sizes depending on the desired finish, in order to make a perfect rolling effect.
The inserts of the scratching roller for grinder are designed to have a long life as they can be used in all its vertices by rotating them, thus multiplying the tool life.


Dia-Rollex ø115 and scratching roller ø115 with the protection cover can be applied to the grinder Bosch GPO 14 CE and Rupes LH32EN while Rollex ø80 can be applied to the minigrinder. They can also be applied on different grinders, but only on specific request. It is compatible with M14 or 5/8” attachment depending on the grinder on which it is applied.


√ Easy to use.
√ Opportunity to work on thin or defective slabs.
√ Work is totally safety because the tool is always covered by the protection.

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